Monday, May 30, 2011

Clean Gutters - Benefits

Clogged gutters may be the source of potential damage and could have harmful consequences
Can be the cause of Allergies:
When the gutters become clogged, moisture can accumulate. Harmful bacteria may start to grow and spread. This bacterium can seep into the home and may be the cause of serious health problems. Keeping your gutters clean and free from clogs will allow the water to flow freely through the gutter system and evacuate properly away from the foundation.  One way to eliminate this problem is to cover them with high quality gutter protection such as Gutterglove Pro, Ultra or IceBreaker. The fine mesh screens will filter everything out of you gutter except the water. Gutterglove can also be an effective first stage filtering system for rain barrels or rain harvesting systems.
Clogged gutters can cause mold, mildew or rotting wood:
Mold and mildew will not form in clean gutters.  If your gutters are clogged water will sit causing mold and mildew to accumulate. Additionally, when your gutter system is clogged water is prevented from flowing down the down spout and will back up and seep out between the gutter and facia. This causes  c the wood on the facia and in the soffet to rot. Eventually this can result in an expensive repair, potentiall costing thousands of dollars.  The best way to prevent this is to have high quality gutter guards such as Gutterglove Pro or Gutterglove Ultra installed on your home.  This will eliminate any chance of clogged gutters and keep mold and mildew from forming.
Clogged gutters can drown plants and cause disease to flowers and plants in the garden:
Once the gutters and downspouts are clogged there is no place for the water to go except over the gutters. This will leak over the plants and flowers in your garden and may cut off the oxygen necessary for them to live. It can also lead to plant disease such as Crown Rot and Root Rot. Once this happens it is very difficult to revive the plants. Keeping gutters clean will eliminate the excess water and keep your plants and flowers healthy and beautiful.  
Rain water can be a healthy way to water your plants and flowers but it must be clean and in measured amounts. You may want to consider connecting a rain barrel to your gutter system and cover the gutters with a fine mesh gutter covers such as Gutterglove Pro or Gutterglove Ultra. The fine mesh will not only keep all debris from your gutters, but will filter the water that goes into the barrel. You can hook up a water hose to the bottom of the barrel and use the mineral rich water to provide the nourishment to  your plants as necessary.
Clogged gutters are the perfect environment for termites and insects:
If you have ever experienced termite infestation, you know it can be a nightmare. They eat away at the wood and cause extensive damage, which can result in thousands of dollars in repairs. Homeowners insurance will not cover the damage in most cases. . When the gutters are overfilled with water, the standing water can seep into the walls of a building. Termites as well as other insects  thrive in areas with damp wood. Protect your gutters with high quality Gutter Guards.
Can cause the growth of Mosquitoes:
Mosquitoes will reproduce by the thousands in standing water. Stagnant water in unclean gutters is the perfect place for them to breed.   They are known to carry diseases such as yellow fever, encephalitis, malaria and dengue fever. This can be partially prevented by keeping  your gutter clean and free form any clogs that may produce a breeding spot. Gutterglove Pro and Gutterglove Ultra screen out all debris that can lead to a clog and allow your gutter system to evacuate water away from the home.
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